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68 High Street, Billingshurst, UK

Based on Billingshurst High Street, just outside of Horsham in West Sussex, our lifestyle financial planners build life-centred, goal-driven relationships with clients across West Sussex, Surrey, and the South East. We ask questions such as ‘If you had more time or money, what would you do?’ and ‘what do you need to accomplish to feel you’ve had a life well lived?’ Then we align your life goals with your financial goals to make these things happen.

We develop solid lifestyle financial plans that put you on the path to realising your life dreams and ambitions as quickly as possible.

Lifestyle financial planning recognises that we’re all different, and the best financial advice is tailored not towards the ‘products’ (pensions, ISAs, etc.) but towards the person. We seek to understand your core values and aspirations for your future, but also for the life you want to be living now. Then we help you start living it as soon as possible.

We don’t just hope for the best – we plan for it.