About Lello Networking

Lello Networking is a long established event for all businesses in the Horsham District, providing relaxed, but worthwhile networking opportunities for people engaged in business of any sector.

Lello Networking meetings take place after work, from 5.30pm onwards at Mungo’s Bar in the town centre of Horsham on the second Thursday of each month and regularly attract over 30 members and guests with that number increasing every month. Lello Networking members enjoy good relationships, both through business and friendship.

To become a member of Lello Networking is easy to do… simply sign up! On the expense side of things it’s simple too. Apart from what you decide to spend at the bar on beer and cocktails, Lello Networking costs nothing… Yes, NOTHING! It’s FREE! Most of our meetings are in fact sponsored by members’ respective companies and if you would like to sponsor a meeting, please contact us.

We are an informal group, meetings are very relaxed, at a reasonable time of the day and you can stay for as little or as long as you wish. If you don’t know anyone already attending, let us know and we will introduce you to people.

Lello and the members look forward to welcoming you at a future event soon!

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