To sponsor an event, please fill out your details below. Note that we cannot guarantee that a particular month has already been taken and we do give priority to our regular attendees. This means that to sponsor an event at Lello, you should have attended at least 3 events within the last 6 months.

December is always unavailable as it’s our Lello Networking Christmas party.

Sponsorship is completely free. Here are the key points:

  • You will be given 5 minutes to do a short presentation about your business
  • You should provide a prize for our prize draw. This can be a free product or service, a discount on your services or something unrelated such as a bottle of wine
  • All attendees put their business cards in a hat (bowl) for you to collect and to draw the prize winner
  • That’s it. Then it’s all about the socialising and making connections

Please submit the following form to register your interest: